Qubes OS on my System76 Lemur. Working out the kinks.

Although I apparently successfully installed Qubes OS 3.1 on the Lemur (got a screen with VM Manager open), I had no network connection. Some reading and help on the Qubes users Google Group helped me figure out how to get around the problem (though not solve it).  There was an issue between my ethernet card and SD card reader such that I couldn’t even see that the laptop had a wireless card.  I won’t try to describe my understanding of it because I’m sure it will be superficial and probably incorrect, strictly speaking.

All network traffic is apparently handled by the sys-net VM (or qube), and VM Manager allows the user to alter the settings for each qube.  I used this feature to tell the sys-net qube not to try to load the Ethernet card, leaving only the wireless card available for use.  After a computer restart I was suddenly able to see that there was a wireless card available, see a list of WiFi networks, and successfully joined one. I could then launch any qube and reach web pages with Firefox.

To summarize the steps to install Qubes on my Lemur:   (It involved several restarts)

  1. Start laptop with Qubes ISO file on USB stick and  hold F7 to get boot options
  2. Choose USB drive
  3. Install Qubes (Did NOT opt to encrypt user data, Did NOT opt to make usb qube as this seemed to kill the wireless mouse I was trying to use (not a trackpad guy)).
  4. Restart
  5. Screen is black, but sliding finger down on track pad made screen appear though any trackpad movement other than down would make the screen go black again. Press power button to get restart dialog and choose restart with arrow keys, then return.
  6. Computer starts up with visible screen image and VM Manager, but no network access.  Right-click sys-net Qube and choose VM Settings. Go to Devices tab. The pane on the right had two items. I removed 01.00.1 Ethernet by selecting it and moving it to the left column. Click OK. Restart computer.
  7. Click on Network icon on right side of task bar (dock?).  Do you see Wifi network now?  I did and was good to go from there on.

To do list for tonight.

  1. Update VMs
  2. Figure out how to do a screen capture so I can add some examples to these posts.

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