Authy two-factor authentication for WordPress

I just installed WordPress 4.5.2 via DreamHost’s One-Click installer.  I’ve been with DreamHost a loooong time now, but this is the first blog I’ve ever set up at this URL. I wanted a place I could post quasi-geek stuff without having to worry about if it was related to anesthesia or not (my day…and night….job).

The one-click install worked flawlessly, and Dreamhost even arranges for a free SSL certificate via Let’s Encrypt, so the site has the benefit of https without having to pay for a cert. Cool.

I’ve been using Authy in place of Google Authenticator on my Newton 2000 iPhone for my two-factor authentication tokens for quite a while now , and wondered if I could use it on my own personal site.  The short answer is a resounding YES. The longer answer is that it was easier than I thought.

Authy offers a WordPress plugin that can be installed on your own site:

Authy Plugin for WordPress
Here’s a screenshot of the Authy wordpress plugin description.

Even though this 2.5.5 version hasn’t been updated in about a year, it works fine with this WordPress 4.5.2 installation.  Once installed and activated, all I had to do was go to to get a free API key.

I can see why Authy makes this free and easy to encourage users to try their technology. Once ‘inside’ you can get a glimpse of what is possible with 2-FA via Authy and how well thought out and smooth the whole service is.  My only concern is that I see most tokens have gone from 6 to 8 numbers.  It could be a real problem for me to type in 20 numbers in 30 seconds should it come to that. 😐


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