An Open Letter to Audi

Dear Audi,

I have been an Audi owner since 1998 when I bought a new Audi A4. Since that A4 I’ve owned an A3, another A3, an S5, and now an A6…..TDI. And that’s where your streak stops.

My 2014 A6 TDI is one of the vehicles for which you and Bosch committed fraud in order to get it to pass emission tests here in the United States. Yes, you’re going to fix it. Yes, you’ve already thrown a thousand dollars at me and will surely throw seven to sixteen thousand more. But it doesn’t matter.

So, even though I have loved the cars, their interiors, their sound systems, have taken classes to learn to drive them safely and fast, and have trusted your all wheel drive systems to keep my family safe, I will not be purchasing another Audi–not even that nifty electric one you’re hoping will distract me from the fact that you acted criminally.

When you think about the cars you’ve already sold me, and the cars you were hoping to sell to me over the next twenty years I hope it becomes clear that opting to commit fraud was a really, really stupid business decision.


n.b. I see there’s a book coming out about the whole thing:  Faster, Higher, Farther: The Volkswagen Scandal (Amazon).

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